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Scope for prosperity


Scopium is a consulting and education think tank devoted to the social sciences







In the first strand, we publish findings and insights widely, to experts, policymakers, and the general public. Scopium’s publications bridge the knowledge divide between the public, private, NGO sector, and civil society. Out publications transcends sectors, to provide an interdisciplinary and multi stakeholder perspective in the social sciences.   

Scopium’s international network of experts bring together actor who can shine a light on the most pressing and cross-cutting social challenges. Based upon conversations with stakeholders and our own research, we provide actionable insights through our report publications and  interviews with field experts that are published online.



In the second strand, we assist individuals and organizations with navigating rapidly evolving and complex social landscapes. Our services include: research and policy analysis; designing tools to overcome research obstacles; educational guidance and mentorship, and; developing toolkit to address social challenges.


We also conduct research for publication as case study, policy brief and report, white paper and more.

Our work is organised around two strands:

1) We co-produce and disseminate knowledge from discussions;


2) We provide bespoke research-based services to our clients.


Promoting prosperity and justice for all

Snowy Mountain


Designing research

Research services

Analysis of existing data

Writing reports and toolkits

Link our clients with international experts 

Managing and collaborating with partners on research projects

Educational guidance

Lecture and present at organisations and higher education 

Snowy Mountain


Our experts have strong links to top universities globally.

Have a background in 'Oxbridge' universities, Ivy League, and Russell Group.

Expertise gained from working in government organisations, industry, and policy and research think tanks.

Have an international reach and network of subject matter experts

In focus 

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