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What we offer

We provide bespoke services to our clients tailored to their specific needs. Whether you are seeking advice on policy development and implementation, research design and analysis, or business management and strategy, we can help.

Our researchers have strong links to top universities globally including those from the 'Oxbridge' system, Ivy League, and Russell Group. In addition, our consultants possess expertise gained from working in government organizations, industry, and policy and research think tanks.


Through a structured approach, we help clients systematically dissect problems to reach solutions that broaden their perspectives. We conduct both horizontal scanning for breadth coverage on issues of the day as well as vertical, deep dive into specialised topics. 


Some of the professional services we offer: 

Research design and policy analysis;

Research consulting and management consulting;

Project management;

Teaching and higher education;

Public speaking engagements and more.


As subject matter experts (SME) in their respective fields, our researchers are well-versed in the rigorous methods and approaches used in social sciences research and teaching.


These include: quantitative methods, STATA, SPSS, social network analysis, NVivo, and qualitative fieldwork and analysis (such as semi structured or elite interviews, focus group, and ethnography).


Our pedagogical methods include a mixture of blended learning, hybrid teaching and interactive technologies, project-based learning, one-on-one tutoring and more.




Public Speaking

A collaborative network

At Scopium, we are tapped into a vast network of subject matter experts (SME) and knowledge base. By leveraging our global network of contacts and resources, we can help our clients find the right SME to co-develop and co-deliver tailored solutions.


Some of the organizations we draw our SMEs from include top universities; think tanks; leading consulting firms; intergovernmental and international organisations (such as the UN, World Bank and the WEF); top law firms; and industry leaders.

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